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                Klem's Hiemalis Begonia Variety List for the 2008-2009 Season

Recommended for:
4 "6 "8 "  VarietyFlowerUniquePrice 
PotPotPotHB  NameSeries (Type)ColorFeaturesGroup
Pink Ilona Types
xxxAngela      Ilona TypeHot Pink 1
xDina*      Ilona TypeLight Pink1*
xxLouise      Ilona TypeBlush Pink1
xxxNetja      Ilona TypePink1
White Ilona Types
xxxClara      Ilona TypeWhite1
xxWinnie      Ilona TypeWhite1
Salmon Ilona Types
xxxAsani      Ilona TypeCoral-Pink1
xxxChristel      Ilona TypeCoral-Pink1
xxxIlona      Ilona TypeLight Coral-Orange 1
xxxKleo      Ilona TypeDeep Coral Pink1
Red Ilona Types
xBlenda      Ilona TypeBright Red1
Orange Ilona Types
xxxBatik      Ilona TypeDeep Orange1
xxxBella      Ilona TypeApricot Orange1
xxEdika      Ilona TypeGolden Orange1
xxEdith      Ilona TypeOrange with Yel centeryellow center1
xxEmma      Ilona TypeBright deep orange1
Yellow Ilona Types
xxAnne      Ilona TypeLight Yellow1
xxxBlitz      Ilona TypeDark Yellow1
xxxFanny      Ilona TypeGolden yellow1
xxGolden Edith      Ilona TypeYellow1
xTina*      Ilona TypeBright Yellow1*
Bicolor Ilona Types
xxBanita      Ilona TypeYellow with red splochesBicolor1
xxxCamilla      Ilona TypeWhite with Pink edge Bicolor1
xxCarneval*      Ilona TypeRed, yellow centerBicolor1*
xxJutta      Ilona TypeYellow with Pink EdgeBicolor1
xxKaren      Ilona TypeDark Yellow / Pink edgeBicolor1
xMonella*      Ilona TypeRed, yellow centerBicolor1*
xxxPeggy*      Ilona TypeRed, white centerBicolor1*
xxxPolly*      Ilona Typemostly Red, white centerBicolor1*
xxBarbaraBarbara TypePink 2
xxBavariaBarbara TypeDeep Pink Red-Green foliage2
xxJupiterBarbara TypeLight Pink 2
xxMarsBarbara TypeRed-OrangeRed-Green foliage2
xxSaturnBarbara TypeCoral 2
xxBarkos*Barkos TypeRedLarge Flowers3*
xxBacchus*Barkos TypeRedLarge Flowers3*
xxBellona*Barkos TypeRed-orangeLarge Flowers3*
xxBerseba*Barkos TypeLavendar PinkLarge Flowers3*
xxBerseba Red*Barkos TypeRedLarge Flowers3*
xxDana* Barkos TypeDeep Dusky PinkLarge Flowers3*
xxBalamon*Barkos TypeDeep OrangeLarge Flowers3*
xxBaladin*Barkos TypeRedLarge Flowers3*
xxBinos*Barkos TypePinkLarge Flowers3*
xxBorias*Barkos TypeBi-Color Pink/WhiteLarge Flowers3*
xxArosaArosa TypePink1
xxNelsonArosa TypeRed1
xxNathalieArosa TypeApricot1
xAphrodite ClaudiaLarge AphroditeRedTrailing 1
xAphrodite HelgaLarge AphroditePinkTrailing 1
xAphrodite RosieLarge AphroditeBlush PinkTrailing 1
xAphrodite TianaLarge AphroditeOrange-CoralTrailing 1
xAphrodite WhiteLarge AphroditeWhiteTrailing 1
xxAph. Dark RadiantCompact AphroditeDeep Hot PinkTrailing 1
xxAphrodite LoneCompact AphroditeLight PinkTrailing 1
xxAphrodite RadiantCompact AphroditePinkTrailing 1
xxAzotus*Misc.Fuchsia PinkLarge Flowers3*
xxxCatrinMisc.Golden OrangeIntense color1
xxxYellow CatrinMisc.Deep YellowIntense color1
xxxTacora YellowMisc.YellowRuffled petals3
Heat  Tollerance  Mildew Resistance  
Ilona Type Most
Heat Tollerant
Barbara series
Most Mildew Resistant
Aphorodite seriesIlona Type
Barkos typeBarkos type
Arosa seriesArosa series
CatrinAphrodite series
Tacora yellowCatrin
Barbara series LeastHeat tollerantTacora YellowMost Susceptible to Mildew
2008Discontinued Varieties:         HennySub: Camilla
         PlutoSub: Bavaria